The “Axe” Octave Mandolin (or Octave Mandola) is based on the same body design as the “Axe” Bouzouki and features the unusual combination of flat-top with carved-back. The carved back plays an important role in the Axe’s projection and dynamic range which, when combined with a flat cedar top, produces an open and responsive instrument.
It has a 58cm scale length and is usually tuned GDAE, an octave below the standard mandolin.
It can also be tuned GDAD, like the Irish Bouzouki, and is sometimes called a short scale Bouzouki.





Cedar top
European maple Carved-back
Ebony Fingerboard
Brazilian Mahogany neck
Polished Ebony bridge
Ebony head facing
Ebony binding front and back of body.
Ebony and birch bound fingerboard
Rosewood or Ebony handmade truss rod cover
Satin lacquer finish

Shippey handmade rosette
Shippey designed and made tailpiece.
Mini enclosed black Gotoh tuners (Gotoh 510 tuners optional)
Bone nut and saddle

580mm scale length
35 mm nut width
9.5″ compound radius fingerboard
Two way adjustable truss rod