The Shippey “Axe” mandolin has a flat top and carved back and it is this combination that gives the “Axe” mandolin its unique tone.
Warm, full and slightly woody in the low register,  bright and clear at the top end –  It is highly responsive, but will also deliver when played forcefully.

The carved back is at the heart of this mandolin’s tone – hand carved from European Maple.
Beautiful, straight-grain cedar for the soundboard; Ebony binding front and back. Ebony is also used for the bridge and finge

I make the tailpieces in my workshop from solid brass. It is a hinged design, finished with a dark patina and will accept both ball and loop end strings.

This model is played by Benji Kirkpatrick (Bellowhead, Faustus) and Ward Dhoore (Trio Dhoore, Snaarmaarwaar) and Robin Jones (The Trials of Cato)






Cedar top
European maple carved back
Ebony Fingerboard
Brazilian Mahogany neck
Polished Ebony bridge
Ebony head facing
Ebony binding front and back
Ebony and birch bound fingerboard
Ebony handmade truss rod cover
Satin lacquer finish

Shippey handmade rosette
Shippey tailpiece
Gotoh 510 tuners

Bone nut and saddle

356 mm scale length
30 mm nut width
278 mm body width
12 ” radius fingerboard
Two way adjustable truss rod

Robin Jones (The Trials of Cato)

Janice Burns and Jon Doran

Janice Burns

Ward Dhoore

Ward Dhoore with Snaarmaarwaar