Ewan MacPherson is selling his Shippey Rosewood 10-string mandolin.  (Posted 14/6/2020)

Ewan writes:
“Rosewood 10 String Mandolin handmade by Paul Shippey in Bristol in 2002. Including a Baggs Element pickup with volume control and an “original” green fitted Calton Case, made in their UK factory before they relocated to America.
This is a fantastic, fully working, used instrument and if cared for should last a lifetime. There are a few small dings and scuffing as normal for an instrument of this age but nothing major. I have always looked after it. I have given it an overhaul including new strings (Elixir 11-40 + 53) battery and tailpiece. It’s had a polish and I have applied lemon oil to the neck. There is a small amount of fretwear (see pic) but no buzzing or intonation problems and they should last a decent amount of time before any replacement is needed.
The pickup is first class and is a very strong signal, I usually take out some low end and nothing else.

I commissioned Paul to make me this mandolin, it is the first 10-string he built and I am the sole owner, see mention on his website.
This has been my main instrument for eighteen years, I have toured worldwide with it playing in bands such as Shooglenifty and Malinky. Just search online and you can see me playing it in videos from main stage at Cambridge folk festival to stages in Australia, Borneo or India. It records really well and appears on many albums too.
I will be very sad to see this lovely, reliable instrument go, Paul knows how to make a solid machine and this one has never let me down.
I am selling it to pay for another of Paul’s instruments that I have commissioned. I would keep it if I could afford to!
I will ship most likely UPS, fully insured and well packaged.
Please contact me for a price on international shipping before buying.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.
I would be happy to know it’s going to a good home.”