I am an individual luthier and I build handmade instruments to order.
Many of my designs have evolved over 25 years. It is a gradual refining process that has helped me to understand how to build a fine instrument.  Most of my instruments feature carved top and back plates. I usually work on a group of three plates at one time and carve them entirely by hand. The hand carving process allows me the time to get the feel of each piece of wood, to respond to its individual properties  and adapt my arching and thickness graduation to get the best results.


I started building instruments in 1982 when I was 18 years old, moving to London where I spent four years studying instrument making under master luthier Herbert Schwartz at London Metropolitan University.

I specialised in mandolins and bouzoukis and my time as a student laid the foundations for me to go on to set up a workshop in Hackney. Living in London was a fantastic time for me to develop my making and mandolin playing , I came into contact with lots of fine instruments and great players who helped develop my understanding of what I wanted to achieve in my making.

After seven years in London I moved back to Somerset to continue making.


I have played mandolin for as long as I have made them and have played in many bands and sessions.
Most recently I played with ” The Fallen Apples”, as their mandolin player.
This band took me from pubs to festivals, including Didmarton bluegrass festival, Dartmouth, Sidmouth and Cork Jazz festival for four consecutive years.